my fourth month in italy.

Datum objave: 19. September, 2022.

The other day, my fourth month in Italy passed! A month full of new knowledge and interesting events.
We are working on a new project where we take samples of microplastics every month. We decided on del Fico beach in Marina de Puolo, which is a free beach where there are always a lot of people, especially families with children. Four months ago, that beach was so dirty and full of plastic that you could hardly walk through it. We cleaned it every month and for now both we and the people keep it clean. Of course, you can see that it is still full of microplastics. Therefore, this beach is good for sampling. This month was the second time we dealt with it, and after three days of sampling, microscoping and separating microplastics, we came up with interesting numbers! In just one sample of 2.5 square meters, we found more than 2500 microplastic particles! This is a shocking result and they even published our research in positano news!
You can read more at this link
I spent the second part of the month in Parco nazionale del Cilento. Two months ago I was in Palinuro looking for turtle tracks, now we are, not so far away, on the sandy beach of marina del Camerota! We camp next to the nest and wait for the little baby turtles to hatch! A wonderful experience. There is less work during the day because there is not a big possibility that they will hatch while the temperature is high, but after sunset our working hours begin. Every two hours, two volunteers wake up and guard the nest.
We wait for the sand to move, when the sand moves we know it will come out soon. When we see the first heads or fins we note the time and wait. After they all come out, we put them in a box with sand. We record the exact number of hatched individuals and measure 30 percent of the total number! After that, we let them into their home, the sea, on a small path, which was made by volunteers to make it easier to monitor the number of individuals.
A turtle hatches about 100 eggs. They never all come out in the first hatching, they continue to come out in smaller groups up to 3 days later. If they do not come out even after 4 days, the nest is checked by digging a hole and trying to see what the problem is. Most often it is too compact sand, but it can also be a piece of plastic and some other pollution.
I witnessed the hatching of 44 small turtles in the first day, 5, then 5 and 1 in the following days. Now we are waiting for the others!! Soon I will return home to Monticchio with the following tasks waiting for me. See you in a month!

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