Datum objave: 19. September, 2022.

Ciao a tutti!

We have entered August and we have a lot of work ahead of us. July was fully busy and we actually just worked. We are working at Leranto Bay, marine protected area which I talked about last time, where it is now a novelty to measure both the water temperature and the people who enter the area. The work that I love that we just started working is sampling of micro plastics on sandy beaches, for now we have done sampling on one local open beach, spiaggia di Fico, which was originally full of garbage and we clean it regularly. After sampling we work with microscopes and separate the filtered plastic. We will repeat the sampling every month. Besides going to Leranto bay every day, we work 3 times a week with the children on that same beach and we do various activities such as snorkeling, memory cards, drawing and education about the species we saw. Although there was a lot of work, I used my free days to visit Positano, Ravello and Amalfi! I’m looking forward to this month because I’m going to Cilento, where we take care of turtle nests and we wait for the little ones to hatch so we can send them on their first journey to the sea!

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