October in Burgos.

Datum objave: 2. November, 2022.

Hii everyone.
My second month in Spain has passed so fast. On the first one, at some point, the thought of staying here for a whole year struck me and made me scared to be honest, but now that I think about it I can not believe I have been here for two months. What an amazing experience.

Abrego, the organisation in which I am doing my volunteering project continues to amaze me. This month we had a course on different ways of conserving food, an interesting course in which I also learned and tried a lot of amazing food like apple chutney and empanadas.
Beside this, on Fridays I also help Huerteco, another organisation from Burgos. One of the things I learned about is Egagropilas, owls vomit with bones and fur of rats that the same owl could not digest and with what children play to learn in a fun way. What a weird but also interesting practice that I have never heard about and probably won’t after this project.

Another new thing here is our last roommate from Italy. Guy who came to Spain without any previous knowledge of Spanish and I thought I was brave.

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