Datum objave: 14. October, 2022.

I have always been committed to the environment, trying to help with recycling and small things, but I never have been worried like I am now. 

Last month we did two cleaning actions that changed my mind. First of all, we had an activity in Colentum with 15 people to clean the beach and the peninsula. I had a task to create a team building game to motivate everybody before the cleaning action, so I was doing a deep investigation about plastic in the sea, quantity of plastic we consume, actions to change this situation, how animals and nature are affected with the plastic, etc. I found a really impressive numbers, for example, do you know that every minute 1 million plastic bottles are sold? This was so shocking for me and I tried to create a game to explain these facts to people, but in the end it was so difficult to give energy to them with this information, so we did a game called stealing the bottle, just about running and funny. 

After the game, we were cleaning for two hours and I was speaking with everybody. People were from an international company and they were on a trip in Croatia to promote the work team. They did a lot of activities and this cleaning action was optional. Unfortunately, they were in total on the trip 300 people and only 15 came. So we can see how the population is involved in helping the environment. But we need to think positively, and after all, I met really interesting and good people and I was learning with them. 

During the cleaning activity, we found a big quantity of plastic and a lot of types of rubbish, sometimes very small, like microplastics, and other times really big, like a mattress. Most of the rubbish came from the sea, and we were thinking about how many kilos can be in the sea bottom. 

One week later, we organized another cleaning action but it was a bigger organization. We went to Žut Island in the natura park of Kornati and a few diving clubs went with us. They were the main characters and they did a really good job. The divers were taking rubbish from the sea for 3 hours and they found a lot of it. This was also shocking for me, because we were on a paradise island, with one of the most crystalline and clear water that I have seen in my life, but even there was really contaminated. 

I was also talking with the divers, they explained to me that everything is a volunteer job, they like diving and they are fighting to help the environment, they are really committed! In conclusion, I was learning again with this amazing type of people and trying to understand how we can do more for the environment without a lot of resources.

To resume, it was a beautiful learning experience and we have the bad part, about climate change, high quantity of rubbish, plastics, etc, and we have the positive part, about how we can contribute to this with good people!

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