Call for long term ESC volunteers.

We are searching for 2 longterm volunteers (duration 12 months)! J

When:  from October 2024

Where: Croatia, island of Murter

Who: Association Argonauta (Murter)

Deadline to find candidates for volunteering: June 15, 2024

*we are hosting volunteers since 2011 continuously. Future volunteers are welcome to send us open aplications whole year around. Argonauta volunteer blog where you can read more about how is it to be volunteer within Argonauta here

Contact person:

Project description:

WIN project will provide volunteers with a platform to experience how to be active citizens on a local level. This mobility experience will surely improve volunteer´s skills and competences in various fields for their personal and professional development. All of that with the particular support offered by Argonauta as a host organisation.

Project WIN and its activities will take place on the island of Murter in Croatia and will last for 12 months. It satrts in October for both volunteers.

One of the main objective of WIN project is to contribute to European cooperation in the fields of climate action, environment and nature protection, community and local solidarity development. This all will continue to establish strong connections with project partners (host and sending organizations), based on mutual respect, confidence and exchange of the experience.

Proposed activities

There are many activities that we plan to involve ESC volunteers in. The development of these activities depends on the current project in our association. We can list them as follows:

  • to assist in designing, organizing and implementing creative workshops and materials on the topics of environmental protection, marine ecosystems -and its biodiversity (children 5-8 years);
  • to assist in organizing the school in nature activities or Eco-patrol activities (for young people aged 10-14 years);
  • to assist in promoting Educational Summer Children Program – creating and putting up posters, leaflet and social media design and help organizing it daily in summer months;
  • to help in organizing local community events (voluntary actions) connected to environmental awareness;
  • to help in developing and implementing volunteering team ESC project;
  • to help in implementing youth exchange projects;
  • to assist in writing smaller local/national project proposals in the environmental field;
  • to help in regularly update of in English;
  • to assist in the administration of Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram profile of the Argonauta association;
  • to establish connections with other EU and neighboring countries ESC accredited organizations or youth organizations;
  • to assist in establishing communication with the environmental organizations/institutions in volunteers home countries;
  • to translate short announcements for the web in English or mother tongue;
  • to promote Argonauta`s profile on social networks;
  • to present it’s country customs, food, values, tradition etc. in local primary school or library;
  • to update the VOLUNTEER BLOG on ESC experience;
  • to help in producing digital media promoting the work of organization and ESC program (short video and visual forms);
  • to translate relevant publication to English and/or their native language;
  • to take part in different workshops organized by Argonauta within other projects;
  • to assist in all other work that is ongoing in the organization.
  • different activities aiming to improve the quality of life for elderly people;
  • We will strongly encourage the volunteers to design (with our help) their own personal project, choosing one of the above topics that they will feel most motivated to do.

Working methods used will be non-formal learning methods (learning by doing, seminars, assistance in all other activities of the organization).


European Union through European Solidarity Corps programme

Profile of participants:

– high motivation for participation in most of the proposed activities of the ESC project;

– knowledge of basic English;

– interest in using Canva app or some other graphic design app;

– interest in video editing;

– interest in actively using and creating content on social media channels

– interest in photography

– interest in the topic of renewable energy sources, and the way how to communicate RES to the public

– interest in online and offline marketing

– willing to improve/develop communication skills;

– interest and enthusiasm in working with children and youngsters;

– interest and enthusiasm in acquiring different new skills;

– interest and enthusiasm in nature and environment issues;

– interest and enthusiasm in community development issues;

– flexible and creative character;

– willing to participate in local solidarity actions involving senior citizens;

– interested in experiencing life in a small island community

– high level of (manual) creativity;

– excited about international mobility experience;

– interested in holding various workshops in our community centre

– interested in the topic od decarbonisation

– plays some instrument

Our new volunteers would be interested and would have skills for:

  • assisting in implementing commnication mix about topic of decarbonisation and green transition – writing blogs, articles, doing interviews using video, audio, podcasts, social media stories, posts – visuals, quizes, or using any other communication tools
  • able to create and implement SUSTAINBILITY/MUSIC/DANCE program for preschoolers connecting ART and NATURE
  • is active on social networks, has a drive for online presence, likes to make photography and edit and make videos

Our ESC project will be accessible to volunteers regardless of their gender and within age 18 to 30 as has been set by the European Solidarity Corps program. Volunteers are to be selected in a fair, transparent and objective way, regardless of their ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, etc.

No previous qualifications, educational level, specific experience or language knowledge will be required but advantage will be given to unemployed young people and those with fewer opportunities.

Further information about WIN – Volunteer IN Murter project and experience of our previous volunteers can be checked on the following link –

We are looking forward to welcom you in Croatia!

Greetings from island of Murter!

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