A month in the spirit of France.

Datum objave: 2. prosinca, 2022.

This month we started with the dolphin watching course, and we also received diplomas, but unfortunately we could not work in practice because the time did not serve us. We worked a lot at various events and presentations like for the event BookSophia where we presented our project, our Ieranto bay and all the habitat we can find there! Later we even gave an interview. They found the project very interesting.
We also collaborated with an elementary school where we educated children about what microplastics are, how they affect us, and how to do sampling on the beach itself. We also showed them how to classify microplastics by typology and played a very fun game.
In the middle of the month we had the Tunisian cultural dinner where we had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the culture!
Then came the anticipation! Let’s go to France!! Yens, ons and I got the chance to attend the conference in Nice called nature is future! The theme of the first day was the famous Posidonia oceanica. We presented our project and explained how we monitor the boats in the bay of Ieranto, what the MPA engagement is and how we monitor the Posidonia. We also brought our posidary as a gift. After the presentation, we saw a simple but very interesting experiment testing coastal erosion without Posidonia oceanica. We went to the nearby beach and looked for roots, possible organisms on the leaves and possible litter in the posidonia. At the end of the day we saw the room where @cdmmenvironnement has a small exhibition and fun games on the subject of marine biology. All in all a very productive day!
We spent the second day in a beautiful hotel where the whole day’s theme was biomimicry, human creativity inspired by nature. Nature is a source of inspiration for man and has always inspired the most refined works of art and architecture. In the morning we had the opportunity to listen to several projects by wonderful and ambitious people such as: @ceebios @scale_ent @seaboost_ @econcrete_tech @ant1bert1 @rougerietangram
After lunch we played games, saw some experiments and then talked about everything we learned. We spent the end of the day exploring Nice with our new friends and decided to call Nice the city of stars!
On the last day of the conference we received a ticket to the Monaco aquarium as a gift! Of course we decided to use it. Merci @cdmmenvironnement.
Definitely worth a visit! The aquarium is big and you can learn and see a lot.

That is all from me! We will hear soon with christmas stories 🎅

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