Do We Resemble?.

Piše: Marco Mazzota — 17. svibnja, 2022.

Prejudices are innate defense mechanisms adopted by humans to cope with what is out of ordinary. Whether this behavior has huge advantages in natural environments, in modern eras it can be counterproductive. 

The encounter with differences is essential for a human being to learn and mature. However, this process can only take place when at the base there is understanding, willingness, and curiosity. Culture is what differentiate us humans from the rest of the animal reign. Culture is what allows us to embrace differences among the rest of our species.

In the Youth Exchange “Do We Resemble?”, held in Srima (Šibenik), 35 youngsters from 7 different countries all over Europe had the opportunity to share their traditions and habits in the form of videos. Out of their footage of stunning landscapes, bustling cities, and precious interviews, they made a short documentary.
At a first glance, diverse architecture, food, environments, and people may seem confusing. Throughout the film, though, with the support of numerous interviews, the viewer realizes how many similarities we share and how edifying could be to comprise and celebrate differences.

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