Datum objave: 7. ožujka, 2023.

Carnival season is a time of joy and revelry in many parts of the world, and Murter which records over 130 years of carnival tradition, is no exception. On February 21, 2023, locals gathered in the town center for the annual Carnival parade called (Poklade), a highlight of the end of the winter season and it is a period of 40 days before Easter.

As a volunteer in Murter, I had the privilege of experiencing both the kids’ and main carnival parades. The kid’s carnival was on 19. Feb. 2023, which saw kids from the local schools and kindergartens dressed up in colorful costumes and masks, parading through the streets with their families and teachers.

The kids’ carnival was a sight to behold, with tiny superheroes, princesses, and pirates joyfully strutting their stuff. Each class had a different mask, for example, I knew that the seventh grade are having a french revolution as part of their history class, so they decided to make a mask about it and it was a statement piece, capturing the spirit of the era’s tumultuous history and reflecting the rich culture and traditions of France. I like the huge amount of effort and details in creating the customs. 

The main carnival parade in the afternoon of 21. Feb was even more impressive, with numbered 25 creative and original masks reflecting the Croatian theme and Murter touching issues. Groups of friends, families, and colleagues formed teams to create themed costumes, with each group vying to outdo the others in creativity and originality. The costumes were diverse, ranging from funny and whimsical to glamorous and awe-inspiring.

The carnival parade ended in the town square, where participants and spectators mingled and enjoyed a party held in the center. The atmosphere was festive, with music and dancing continuing long into the night.

The Carnival in Murter is a testament to the region’s vibrant culture and a strong sense of community. It is a time for locals to come together, celebrate their traditions, and showcase their creativity and talent. As a volunteer, I was thrilled to be a part of this colorful celebration and to witness firsthand the joy and unity that Carnival brings to the people of Murter.

Sarah Asad, a volunteer from Jordan

About the ESC: The European Solidarity Corps is a program of the European Union to strengthen solidarity in various areas: from helping the disadvantaged and providing humanitarian aid to engagement for health and the environment in the EU and beyond.
The program offers young people the opportunity to respond to the needs of the community, make a concrete contribution to society, and in the process gain invaluable experience and develop new skills. The program is also intended for organizations active in the field of solidarity that want to involve young people in their activities.

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