Datum objave: 16. kolovoza, 2022.

During my first month in Argonauta, I have learnt a lot with different experiences. 

To begin, I have learnt about ecology and how to work with children in Eco Wednesdays. Every wednesdays we prepare a workshop with children about different terms of ecology in the beach of Čigrađa. My tasks consist of preparing practical parts, for example, thinking about the main idea, preparing needed materials, taking photos, doing a booklet… 

Last Eco Wednesdays we prepared workshops about recycled bottles, corals, octopus, dolphins,.. This experience is so reconfortable to me because I am enjoying it a lot with children and I can see how children are enjoying it too!

By other hand, I have realized different activities too. 

One of them was painting a game on the floor for children in Tisno. This game was about bees, to explain to children the importance of bees. I was painting a game to jump in different bee poligon and later, I designed a flyer to explain the rules of the game. 

Another activity was bold already existing lines to a race. It is a street race of 8 kilometers from Plitka vala to Lovišće on the island of Murter.

Also, another of my tasks was to throw a lot of amphoras in different beaches of Murter. Those amphoras were handmade and people who find them can keep them as a souvenir from Murter. In addition, this activity is part of a prize game. This game consists of people having to find them in the sea bottom or in the middle of the beach, they have to take them to the tourism office and they can win a dinner!

My last task is to prepare a lot of laurel wreaths for Colentum Night. This is a magical night with workshops with children and numerous surprising activities. 

In addition I am taking advantage of my free time to discover new places. For example, I was visiting the little and amazing beaches next to Čigrađa Beach, incredibles places with few people, the perfect place to relax and to enjoy diving and seeing a lot of fish. 

Furthermore, I was visiting different places in Croatia. I was enjoying the famous sunset of Zadar, the historical part of Šibenik, the crystal beaches of the island of Hvar and the Diocletian’s Palace of Split. 

I am in love with this country and I am wishing to discover more places!

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