Screwdberries Inc.

Datum objave: 27. travnja, 2022.

Fruit companies are responsible for most of the food waste world-wide. Besides the social and environmental implications, this issue entails huge economic losses for the companies themselves which waste the imperfect pieces, not suitable for the market and the high standard of consumers.

What if there is a way to give these wasted products a new life, establishing a supply chain thus job opportunities while increasing food companies yields?

Screwdberries Komposter

Our Screwdberries Komposter will squeeze the potential from leftovers, creating compost directly in the fields where your crops grow. Waste disposal will be unnecessary as much as buying synthetic fertilizers, which are harmful for the environment and exploit your soil, making it less productive in the long-term.

Other actors in the market, such as supermarkets, will be provided with our komposter, enabling them to be part of the process. The compost they produce out of their food waste could either be given back to the strawberries producers – obtaining discounts in return – or sold to local farmers, bolstering community thriving and reducing the environmental impact.

In Screwedberries Inc. we strongly believe in workers rights, hence 20% percent of our profits will go directly to help migrant worker unions in order to guarantee the life standards they well deserve. Happy workers, happy pockets.

Our vision comprehends sustainable and more affordable ways to produce and reuse. Furthermore, the empowerment of workers and the support of local communities are valuable assets to involve investors from several sectors.

Screwdberries Redish

As we evolve, in Screwedberries Inc, we never stop innovating. Our vision is to get to the juice of more and more food waste, obtaining new products through the art of reuse.

The fast-fashion industry has never been as boring and unsustainable as nowadays, we need a hint of red to make it more fun and ethical.

We are happy to announce our new brand: Redish.

With the combination of strawberries and radishes we created the most astonishing natural shade of red one has ever seen. Our hydraulic presses will squeeze the potential from leftovers, obtaining a vibrant liquid colorant. In collaboration with renomated local artists, we created an entire new line of red fashion products.

Be part of the change and proudly wear your new Redish Coat. When the days are too hot to handle, protect your head with our lightweight Redish Kerchief.
But it is not over yet, essential oil is also extracted out of food waste. With that, long experienced ateliers from all over Croatia committed their knowledge to generate a groundbreaking new perfume formula. When the wind blows in the right direction, with Redish Essence everyone in the streets will recognize the fragrance. That’s the inequivocabile indicator that you are part of the wind, the wind of change.

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