Spring month on the theme of discoveries.

Datum objave: 8. svibnja, 2023.

April, spring is definitely here. The days are longer and warmer and we can finally let our sweaters in the closet (even though, a Murterian made fun of me because I was wearing a scarf a few days ago). Except for our trip with Sarah in Bosnia, at the beginning of last month when we hiked under the fog and the snow in the mountains of Sarajevo. What beautiful landscapes we saw there. I will definitely come back in the Balkans’ part of Europe in the future, its nature is definitely worth it. This trip was also an opportunity to see the kindness of people (to help 2 very non prepared travelers ;)).

In April, I also took part in my first youth exchange, organized by a former volunteer of Argonauta (hello Juan), on the topic of reconciliation and building bridges between cultures, all the more so that the countries involved used to fight each other. This topic is so important to tackle and it enabled us to address sensitive and still actual subjects ; while thinking of the role of historical narratives, media point of view and shaping of opinion… This week and our trip to Bosnia really broadened my comprehension of the recent past and history of these countries.

We are at the beginning of May while I am writing those lines and this is the second to last post for me. Time passed so fast. I feel only yesterday the fig trees were bare, without any sign of green. Now the leaves are twice the size of one hand and the fruits are shaping.

This weekend, Argonauta organized two cleaning actions with diving clubs from Croatia and one from Mostar. We accompanied them to take videos and pictures that we’ll use for an educational video about protecting marine biodiversity and environment. I was delighted to take the boat (for the first time since I arrived) and to discover wilder islands, without cars, and with a different vegetation than here.

See you next month for my last post about volunteering in Murter 🙂

Rose, volunteer from France

About the ESC : The European Solidarity Corps is a program of the European Union to strengthen solidarity in various areas: from helping the disadvantaged and providing humanitarian aid to engagement for health and the environment in the EU and beyond.
The program offers young people the opportunity to respond to the needs of the community, make a concrete contribution to society, and in the process gain invaluable experience and develop new skills. The program is also intended for organizations active in the field of solidarity that want to involve young people in their activities.

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