Datum objave: 3. studenoga, 2023.

I arrived on Saturday, October 7th with a suitcase full of clothes and full of illusion. As soon as I landed I fell in love with the landscapes of this country, I was sure that the adventure ahead of me was going to be amazing. After several hours on the bus and a few minutes in the car I arrived to what would be my new home for the next year.

The first days were hard, why deny it, adapting is always hard and more when you find yourself alone in a house that is not yours, away from your family and friends, far from your comfort zone…But the adventure had just begun.

The next day I spoke to Suzana explaining that I wanted to meet people to make the process of adaptation more pleasant and bearable. She immediately put me in contact with those who would be my friends for the next month, the volunteers of the Island Extravaganza project. After my first day in the office, in which I felt very well received by the Argonauta workers, I stayed with the volunteers at their house. Without a doubt they welcomed me with open arms, ready to make me feel good.

At first I was afraid, since I had just met them and I had to go to my first Youth Exchange with Argonauta, “Youth Go Local”, which would be held in Srima and which would bring me so many good experiences…

Without a doubt the week I spent in Srima was magical, I could not have had a better bungalow partner, my dear friend Alba. I also met the Spanish team who made me feel closer to home, but without a doubt the big surprise was the Croatian team, which despite being very serious people at the beginning, they welcomed me very well and I can say that today I have two friends in Zagreb.

I can not explain in words how intense those days were, how much I learned from other cultures, how many wonderful people I met, the beautifull places that we visited like Krka National Park and how many memories I take with me from that experience. It is incredible how in such a short time you can live so many emotions.

The farewell was hard, because you don’t know when you will see again those people with whom you connected and had such a good time, but luckily, my friend Alba wanted to spend a few days in Murter with me, which gave me years of life. When I arrived on the island, I didn’t hesitate to introduce Alba to the rest of the volunteers, who again received her very well…

The days passed, Alba left and I came back to reality with a lot of fear that it would be strange to meet them again, but nothing further from the truth. The following days flew by, we worked together on different projects related to the environment and non-formal education, and we also created many stories together, from playing “werewolf” on their terrace, watching the sunsets or going swimming at the beach.

We had such a good time together, that when I wanted to see it was time to say goodbye. Another goodbye, another emotional high, but at the end of the day that is the beauty of this experience, you meet wonderful people, make friends and create precious memories for a lifetime.

It has certainly been a start full of emotions, beautiful experiences and a lot of personal growth, but this is only the beginning, join me in this adventure? I look forward to what the next month has in store for me….

Romina, volunteer from Spain

About the ESC : The European Solidarity Corps is a program of the European Union to strengthen solidarity in various areas: from helping the disadvantaged and providing humanitarian aid to engagement for health and the environment in the EU and beyond.
The program offers young people the opportunity to respond to the needs of the community, make a concrete contribution to society, and in the process gain invaluable experience and develop new skills. The program is also intended for organizations active in the field of solidarity that want to involve young people in their activities.

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