What “Solidarity” might also mean.

Datum objave: 10. siječnja, 2023.

As a person who was born and raised in a city, living in a small community such as Murter village on Murter Island 😉 had a big blessing in terms of being warmest and safe, I know mostly all people and everyone can recognize me. It feels less lonely, apart from winter! LOL. In winter, I face problems in meeting young people my age, most people here elderlies or teenagers, but it is okay I am taking it as a social and personal learning experience.

Let us back to village etiquette, it is very usual for people to say “bok” =” hi” to you all the time. very crucial for the supermarket/shop ladies to smile and say hi to you when you come across the door and thank you and say goodbye when you go out. I don’t know how they manage to say hi, and goodbye, process payments, and count money for all customers at the same time, but I definitely loved it! As they say “You meet strangers everywhere in a city but the whole village is not strange to you at all.”

In the previous two weeks, I went to Zagreb, and Ljubljana for a visit. In such big and diverse cities, you can find a lot of people, and sure, you can find your community. I experienced the same essence of Murter. People came across me and say “salam ealaykum” = “peace be upon you” which is an Arabic-Muslim greeting. Each time whether a kid in the street, a shopper in the supermarket, a waiter in a restaurant, or just people in the street. It also felt so warm and kind as if they say “we are here with you”. Salma, whom I met in the on-arrival training and who happily became my friend, told me that a Muslim kid from her workshops with kids told her that his mom said to him whenever you see a hijabi women go and greet her “hijab is a special mark for Muslim women”.

One last solidarity experience in terms of greetings, I went to Medvednica mountain for a hike. And there, everyone was greeting smiling, or nodding in the head as a way of communication. It is surprising to me because those people are the same who live in Zagreb city and have the city behavior. After a search, it turned out that there are kinds of mountaineer ethics based on humanism, respect, friendship, and altruism which reflect the human qualities of each individual. This means we might show more sense of solidarity when we are part of small communities than big ones such as a city. Same people different belongings.

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